Asian Para Games 2023 Medal Tally: Check the Complete List here!

The Asian Para Games, also known as the Hangzhou 2023 Asian Para Games, is a multi-sport event for Asian participants who are disabled that takes place in conjunction with the 2022 Asian Games. Originally scheduled for October 2023, the 2022 Games will instead take place from October 22 to October 28, 2023.

Asian Para Games 2023 Medal Tally 

The official beginning of the Asian Para Games 2023 on October 22 is wonderful news for both participants and spectators. The Asian Paralympic Committee oversees this four-year tournament for athletes with disabilities. The main goal is to improve and increase the self-confidence of those who have certain physical limitations. 


Rank Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 China 118 96 86 300
2 Iran 24 30 19 73
3 Japan 20 21 28 69
4 Thailand 20 13 30 63
5 Uzbekistan 17 17 21 55
6 India 15 20 29 64

In the asian para games 19th edition of the contest, 665 Indian athletes will compete against the finest competitors from other nations in 39 sports. The best athletes in each discipline are fighting against one another, and even though the competition is tough right now, India has a history of taking home many medals.

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Para Asian Games 2023 India Medals

If you want to know more about India’s medals at the Para Asian Games in 2023, see the points below. 

  • India has taken home 17 medals overall from different competitions, and we are proud of our para-athletes.
  • In the Asian Para Games 2023, India won six gold medals, including one for a female athlete.

In addition, Indian athletes won six silver medals, including one each for the women and the mixed categories. Additionally, Indian athletes have earned 5 bronze medals to yet, including 2 medals for women.

Asian para Games medal tally

Asian Para Games 2023 

The previous best for India at a continental competition include many games but in 2023 games Athletes from all around Asia compete in the continental multi-sport Asian Games, usually referred to as Asiad, every four years. Since the inaugural Games in New Delhi, India, in 1951, up to the Games in 1978, the Games have been governed by the Asian Games Federation. India will take part in 17 sports, some of which include the following. 

  • Para-Badminton
  • Para Athletics
  • Para-Badminton
  • Para Table Tennis
  • Para Powerlifting
  • Para Archery
  • Para Shooting
  • Para Swimming
  • Para Chess
  • Para Cycling
  • Para Fencing
  • Para Lawn Bowls
  • Para Judo
  • Para Boccia
  • Men’s Blind Football
  • Para Taekwondo
  • Para Canoe
  • Para Rowing

Asian Para Games 2023 Indian Winners 

India had the largest delegation to the Asian Para 2023 medal tally Games, sending 303 athletes 191 men and 112 women to the fourth edition of the continental competition. India sent 190 participants to the 2018 Asian Para Games, and they came back with 72 medals, including 15 gold ones. This was their greatest showing ever in the quadrennial competition. India has so far won 17 medals in the Asian Paralympics 2023, including six gold, six silver, and five bronze.

No. Athlete Sport Event Medal
1 Ankur Dhama Athletics Men’s 5000m-T11 Gold
2 Nishad Kumar Athletics Men’s High Jump-T47 Gold
3 Ram Pal Athletics Men’s High Jump-T47 Silver
4 Shailesh Kumar Athletics Men’s High Jump-T63 Gold
5 Mariyappan Thangavelu Athletics Men’s High Jump-T63 Silver
6 Monu Ghangas Athletics Men’s Shot Put-F11 Bronze
7 Pranav Soorma Athletics Men’s Club Throw-F51 Gold
8 Dharambir Athletics Men’s Club Throw-F51 Silver
9 Amit Kumar Athletics Men’s Club Throw-F51 Bronze
10 Prachi Yadav Canoe Women’s VL2 Silver
11 Kapil Parmar Judo Men -60kg J1 Silver
12 Kokila Judo Women -48kg J2 Bronze
13 Avani Lekhara Shooting Women’s 10m Air Rifle Standing SH1 Gold
14 Rudransh Khandelwal Shooting Mixed 50m Pistol SH1 Silver
15 Aruna Taekwondo Women’s K44 -47kg Bronze
16 Praveen Kumar Athletics Men’s High Jump-T64 Gold
17 Unni Renu Athletics Men’s High Jump-T64 Bronze
18 Ekta Bhyan Athletics Women’s Club Throw-F32/51 Bronze
19 Simran Athletics Women’s 100m-T12 Silver
20 Deepthi Jeevanji Athletics Women’s 400m-T20 Gold
21 Ajay Kumar Athletics Men’s 400m-T64 Silver
22 Manish Kaurav Canoe Men’s KL3 Bronze
23 Prachi Yadav Canoe Women’s KL2 Gold
24 Gajendra Singh Canoe Men’s VL2 Bronze
25 Neeraj Yadav Athletics Men’s Discus Throw-F54/55/56 Gold
26 Yogesh Kathuniya Athletics Men’s Discus Throw-F54/55/56 Silver
27 Muthuraja Athletics Men’s Discus Throw-F54/55/56 Bronze
28 Ravi Rongali Athletics Men’s Shot Put-F40 Silver
29 Pramod Athletics Men’s 1500m-T46 Silver
30 Rakesh Bhaira Athletics Men’s 1500m-T46 Bronze
31 Ashok Powerlifting Men’s -65kg Bronze
32 Rudransh Khandelwal Shooting Men’s 10m Air Pistol SH1 Silver
33 Manish Narwal Shooting Men’s 10m Air Pistol SH1 Bronze
34 Rubina Francis Shooting Women’s 10m Air Pistol SH1 Bronze
35 Team India Archery Men’s Doubles Recurve – Open Bronze
36 Team India Archery Women’s Doubles Compound – Open Silver
37 Team India Archery Men’s Doubles Compound – Open Silver
38 Pooja Athletics Women’s Discus Throw-F54/55 Silver
39 Sumit Athletics Men’s Javelin Throw Throw-F64 Gold
40 Pushpendra Singh Athletics Men’s Javelin Throw Throw-F64 Bronze
41 Haney Athletics Men’s Javelin Throw Throw-F37/38 Gold
42 Narayan Thakur Athletics Men’s 200m-T35 Bronze
43 Shreyansh Trivedi Athletics Men’s 200m-T37 Bronze
44 Soman Rana Athletics Men’s Shot Put-F57 Silver
45 Hokato Sema Hotozhe Athletics Men’s Shot Put-F57 Bronze
46 Sundar Singh Gurjar Athletics Men’s Javelin Throw Throw-F46 Gold
47 Rinku Athletics Men’s Javelin Throw Throw-F46 Silver
48 Ajeet Singh Athletics Men’s Javelin Throw Throw-F46 Bronze
49 Ankur Dhaka Athletics Men’s 1500m-T11 Gold
50 Rakshitha Raju Athletics Women’s 1500m-T11 Gold
51 Lalitha Killaka Athletics Women’s 1500m-T11 Silver
52 Sharath Makanahalli Athletics Men’s 1500m-T13 Silver
53 Balwant Singh Rawat Athletics Men’s 1500m-T13 Bronze
54 Nimisha Suresh Athletics Women’s Long Jump-T47 Gold
55 Pramod Bhagat / Manisha Ramadass Badminton Mixed Doubles SL3-SU5 Bronze
56 Manasi Joshi Badminton Women’s Singles SL3 Bronze
57 Sivarajan Solaimalai / Nithya Sre Sumathy Sivan Badminton Mixed Doubles SH6 Bronze
58 Nitesh Kumar / Thulasimathi Murugesan Badminton Mixed Doubles SL3-SU5 Bronze
59 Mandeep Kaur Badminton Women’s Singles SL3 Bronze
60 Vaishnavi Puneyani Badminton Women’s Singles SL4 Bronze
61 Zainab Khatoon Powerlifting Women’s -61kg Silver
62 Kumari Raj Powerlifting Women’s -61kg Bronze
63 Bhavina Patel Table Tennis Women’s Singles – Class 4 Bronze
64 Sandeep Dangi Table Tennis Men’s Singles – Class 1 Bronze

How to watch Live the 2023 Asian Para Games

Follow the instructions below if you want to watch the 4th Asian Para Games live in 2023.

  • By using the techniques below, you may watch the games on TV while using your smartphone.
  • You may watch the 4th Asian Para Games on your mobile device after downloading the Jio Cinema App.
  • In addition, you need to switch to Doordarshan or National TV after turning on your TV.
  • You can watch the 2023 Asian Para Games live right here.

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