Ayudha Puja 2023 Date Muhurat, History & Celebration & Ritual

The day of Ayudha Puja, which is associated with the worshiping of tools and weapons, is set for October 23, 2023 on Monday. Hindu holiday Ayudha Puja is commemorated as a local holiday in various Southern Indian states. This festival, also known as Astra Puja, is observed annually on the ninth day of Navaratri. The festival takes place on the ninth day of Navratri, and the tools are gathered for additional use on the next day, Vijaya Dashami. 

Ayudha Puja 2023

Ayudha Puja has evolved into Vahana Puja in current times when individuals worship their automobiles, such as cars, motorcycles, and scooters. All types of moving objects are worshiped and decorated with vermilion, garlands, mango leaves, and banana saplings during Ayudha Puja. The name of the Ayudha Puja event varies a little bit across India. In distinct states, it is referred to as:

  • Telangana and Andhra Pradesh: Aayudha Pooja
  • Ayudha Puja in Karnataka
  • Ayudha Puja in Kerala
  • Khande Navami in Maharashtra
  • Ayudha Poojai, Tamil Nadu

Particularly, a white pumpkin is painted with gold and turmeric during Vahana Puja and broken in front of the car as a ritual to drive away various evils. The majority of calendars in South India also include Ayudha Puja and Saraswati Puja. However, the majority of Dharma Shastras recommend performing a Saraswati Puja during the Purva Ashadha Nakshatra.

Ayudha Puja 2023 Mahurat

A major event is Ayudha or Astra Puja, when people worship tools, weapons, etc. in their homes or businesses. The date for this year’s Ayudha Pooja is Saturday, October 23, 2023, and the muhurat will begin at 2:47 PM and end at 3:31 PM.

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Ayudha Puja Date Monday, October 23, 2023
Ayudha Puja Vijaya Muhurat 01:58 PM to 02:43 PM
Navami Tithi Begins 07:58 PM on Oct 22, 2023
Navami Tithi Ends 05:44 PM on Oct 23, 2023

Importance of Ayudha Pooja

The Ayudha Puja tale relates to Navratri. At the point of Ashtami and Navami, it is said that the goddess Durga slew the demonic Mahishasura before laying down her weapons. Ayudha Puja is a celebration of Maa Durga’s triumph over the demon ruler since they were thereafter revered. Ayudha Pooja simply means showing respect for the tools of one’s trade, such as a plow, pen, or musical instrument.

It acts like an occasion to treat one’s job with the utmost respect, which is why on this day, tools are venerated. Children worship their books during Ayudha Pooja, which is also known as Saraswati Puja, in South India, and ask the Goddess for her grace. The “Goddess of Wisdom” is Saraswati. Typically, this event commemorates the Goddess Chamundeeswari, a manifestation of Goddenes Dogra, killing the monster Mahishasura. 

Ayudha Puja 2023

History & Celebrations of Ayudha Puja

Both the Durga Puja and Dussehra rituals end with the good overpowering the bad in a decisive conflict. It is simple to understand how this celebration came to be since, like Rama and Durga, it is crucial to make sure your weapons are in the greatest possible shape before engaging in combat. Fighting would often occur during this time of year in ancient India, when wars between states were typical, as the monsoon season has gone and makes it easy to carry out wars. 

On Ayudha Puja, worshippers also celebrate Parvati, also known as the heavenly mother, Saraswati, the Goddess of Wisdom, Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth, and other deities. In Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, the celebration is known as Ayudha Pooja; in Tamil Nadu, Ayudha Pujai or Ayutha Pooja; and in Kerala, Ayudha Puja. It is observed as Astra Puja in Andhra. 

Ayudha Puja 2023 Rituals

Ayudha Puja is a time when rituals are performed by participants. These involve washing and sanctifying tools and equipment before beautifying them with Chandan, kumkum, and sandalwood paste. On this day, books and accounting supplies are also honored. One of the most important components of Navratri is Ayudha Pooja. In Indian tradition, it is established that you must first bow down to any tool before using it, even your plow.

  • On this day, every tool is carefully cleaned and appreciated. 
  • In order to receive the goddess’ blessings and remember the triumph she attained, some followers also keep their tools in front of her. 
  • On the equipment and cars, a “tilak” made of sandalwood and turmeric is applied.

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