Canada Visa India: Eligibility, Rejection Causes, Method to apply online & offline!

A visa is a card in the passport that allows you to enter Canada. Indian nationals are eligible to apply for a tourist visa to Canada. However, the applicant should have a visa that will remain valid for at least six months after the planned date of arrival in order to be approved for an Indian visa to Canada.

Canada Visa India

Canada visas for Indians and many other countries are just now accessible so in India its missions in Chandigarh, Mumbai, and Bengaluru, Canada have ceased offering visa and consular services. Now, only the Canadian High Commission in New Delhi would provide these services. Without an invitation, anyone can visit Canada. A letter of invitation is not required in order to apply for a tourist visa to Canada. 

Immigration Stream Processing Time
Visitor visa (applying from India) 31 days
Visitor visa (from inside of Canada) 16 days online; 47 days on paper
Visitor extension (visitor record) 55 days online; 102 days on paper

Canada visa although they will still accept and process applications from Indian applicants, processing times are predicted to be impacted by the lower workforce numbers. 

Reasons for Rejection Canada Visa 

Canadian visas for many countries were banned for various reasons. Without past travel experience, If an individual applies on their own, they will be rejected for a visa if they have never gone outside of their native country. By using legal justifications and a reference to a Federal Court Case in the application, our company may get beyond this objection.

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  • Strong Family Connections to Canada: Individuals applying on their own may also face rejection if they have family members living in Canada.  By using legal justifications and a reference to a Federal Court Case in the application, our company may get beyond this objection.
  • Duration of stay: People who indicate on their application that they would want to stay for a longer amount of time typically need considerable financial resources.Workplace Unemployment Home Country Prospects Current Employment Situation
  • Personal Resources
  • Canada-based host’s financial situation: Insufficient records
  • documents that don’t seem to be genuine
  • history of overstaying permission on a prior trip to Canada
  • Aliens in the Country of Residence

Canada Visa India

Documents Required for Canada Visa 

Depending on the type of Canada visa you want, there are specific papers that must be supplied with your application. Every visa requires an ongoing collection of documents, and depending on the kind, a different set. the following are the general

  • Older passports, if any, together with a current one. 
  • 3 photographs are required for Canadian visas.
  • Correctly completed and signed application forms.
  • NOC from the employer and a leave ban from the university or college.
  • Travel schedule, including tickets and lodging documentation.
  • Bank statements, Form -16, a passbook, pay stubs, and other financial documents serve as proof of resources.
  • Evidence that you will depart Canada once your visa expires and return home.
  • Documents proving identity and citizenship.
  • Upon request, police clearances must demonstrate a lack of criminal history.
  • A medical document demonstrating your lack of a chronic illness, upon request.
  • A covering letter outlining your plan of action, motivation, and destination.
  • Support letter/invitation to Canada.

Eligibility criteria for Canada visa

Indian citizens with current Indian passports are eligible to apply for a visa to Canada.

A person can apply for a visa through Visa Lounge if they want to visit Canada for business, tourism, a visit from family, or a visit from friends. 

An individual who is looking for work in Canada is unable to apply through Visa Lounge. Passengers flying to Canada are required to have travel insurance. Passengers may get travel insurance from Visa Lounge as well.

How to apply for a Canada visa

There are a few procedures you must do in order to apply for a visa to Canada from India. However, there are a few requirements you must meet before submitting your application. The first step is for you to choose the sort of visa that you require. There are several different sorts of visas for Canada, including those for work, study, and visitors.


  • Downloading a form for an application.
  • Completing the required information in accordance with the needs.
  • Adding the necessary paperwork.
  • Paying the biometric fees in addition to the application fees.
  • A biometric is required at VAC.
  • delivering the application in person or by mail to a VAC


  • You must register for an account on the website of the Canadian government. To make one, you may also use the information from your bank account.
  • Following completion of this step, you may connect into your account and begin completing your Canada visa application.
  • Then, upload your requested papers.
  • Submit the online application for a Canada visa after paying the application and biometric costs.

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