Capital One Class Action Settlement, Payment Date, Update, How to claim it?

The personal information of 106 million Capital One credit card applicants and owners was unlawfully obtained by a hacker in Canada and the United States in July 2019. On September 28, 2023, the Capital One Class Action Settlement administrator began distributing payments. The deadline for submitting claims is November 27, 2023, according to the settlement website

Capital One Class Action Settlement

There was a data breach at Capital One in July 2019 affecting 106 million American and Canadian credit card customers and applicants. It was a huge hack that has millions of people frightened about their privacy. A group of customers filed a Capital One Class Action Settlement against the bank holding firm Capital One Financial Corporation, alleging that it engaged in illegal conduct such as dishonest transactions, unjustified fees, and dubious lending practices. 

Multiple lawsuits were filed against Capital One Class Action Settlement on behalf of affected consumers after this incident. ‘EpiqPay’ is a reliable digital payment platform that sends qualifying claimants these long-awaited settlement monies. An important milestone happened in 2022 when a federal judge in the United States approved a class action settlement to compensate those whose personal information was compromised.

Capital One Settlement Update

Millions of dollars had been taken up to that point, despite Capital One’s prompt resolution of the problem and FBI warning. The business established a $ 190 million Settlement Fund with other advantages in order to resolve the claims at this time. The compensation may be claimed by the claimants starting on September 28, 2023, but they must do so before the deadline of November 27, 2023. 

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Company Capital One Financial Corporation
Settlement Capital One Class Action Settlement
Opening Date to Claim amount 28th September 2023
The last Date to Submit the form November 27, 2023
Authorized Website

On September 13, 2022, after the accused hacker in the Capital One data breach had been found guilty, the judgment for the final approval of the Capital One Settlement Claim was made. Finally, we are providing the Capital One Settlement Administrator’s contact information in case claimants run into any problems getting their compensation.

Capital One Class Action Settlement

How to claim your settlement payment?

Allow us to guide you through the process of getting your fair settlement amount now that we have established the veracity of these messages. To be eligible, individuals must submit a legitimate claim for any lost time and/or out-of-pocket expenses prior to the deadline of September 30, 2022. Payments will start on September 28, 2023, according to the settlement administrator, therefore the process has already started.

In any email from “EpiqPay,” click the “Claim Payment” link to get your money. Although it is stated on the settlement website, the deadline is November 27, 2023. When you click the link, a payment dashboard will open, allowing you to choose your preferred method of payment. To speed up the payment process, you may need to provide a few extra details depending on your choice.

What happens to unclaimed digital payments?

You shouldn’t worry if you missed the time to claim a digital payment. The settlement website has a solution. Unclaimed digital payments will be given as physical cheques within two to four weeks after the digital payment claim period expires on November 27, 2023. For additional information, go to the webpage for the Capital One class action settlement. It functions as your one-stop shop for anything connected to this historic community.

Are Capital One Data Breach Settlement payment emails legit?

Phishing schemes and bogus emails are on the increase, therefore verifying emails is vital. VERIFY investigated and wrote about it. Your communications from ‘EpiqPay’ about Capital One class action settlement payments are real. Verify has extensively researched this problem, and the Capital One data breach class action settlement website verifies these emails. 

Capital One Settlement Claim Form

It was essential for victims of the financial breach to file the Capital One compensation Form in order to obtain the compensation sum. The damages they suffered as a result of the Capital One Breach should be expressly mentioned in the form. The form is the recognized document via which they might request compensation.

To equitably address the allegations, the bank holding company has hired a settlement administrator. The claimants received an email from [email protected] that included their first and surname names as well as the estimated settlement sum for their infringement-related damages.

What Is This Capital One Lawsuit Settlement All About?

Unauthorized hacker Paige A. Thompson was found guilty in the Capital One data breach that affected more than 106 million Capital One credit card members in the US and Canada. One of the biggest US data breaches to date is the one involving banking information.

According to reports, the hacker obtained illegal access to the bakery company’s data and took files including personally identifiable information, such as payment histories, zip codes, contact information, social security numbers, and credit ratings.

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