Forbes Digital Stars 2023: All you need to know about it is here!

One of the most widely read business journals in India is Forbes India. The most reliable indicator of wealth is the Forbes 100 Richest Indians special edition. When compiling the 2023 edition of India’s Top 100 Digital Stars, we paid particular attention to Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, the three leading influencer marketing platforms. November 03, 2023, is the edition date of the Forbes digital stars.

Forbes Digital Stars 2023

Forbes is a global media firm that leads in print, internet, social, video, and content solutions. It has a solid track record and award-winning platforms. India’s Top 100 Digital Stars list has been much awaited. Forbes India, in partnership with Goat, GroupM’s brand-safe influencer and content marketing solution, has revealed the results. Some are Forbes digital stars 2023 include 

  • Suraj Bahuguna
  • Monga Aakansha
  • Maheshwari Devinder 
  • Dharna Durga 

from the list of the Top 100 Digital Stars in India gleamed on the cover. These cover stars are people who have effectively used the internet to connect and interact with large audiences. We selected the top 100 from this category by evaluating a number of important parameters, such as follower count, trending score, legitimacy, reach, engagement, and impressions.

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Forbes Digital Stars 2023

Forbes 2023 Net Worth 

Forbes in India, during the fourth period that concluded on December 31, 2021, net income was $18 million as opposed to $10 million for the same time in 2020. The 50 winners on our second annual Forbes Top Creator list in 2023 generated an estimated $700 million in revenue from their combined 2.6 billion followers.

This is an increase of about 20% over the $570 million score in 2022. They are not alone, as according to Influencer Marketing Hub, a social media research business, brands would spend a projected $21 billion on creator marketing in 2023, up from only $1.6 billion seven years earlier.

How many people use Forbes?

Forbes digital stars considering 99% of its website traffic derived from organic sources, Forbes today has over 150 million monthly visitors on its digital ecosystem. Other noteworthy benchmarks attained by the brand include 42 million or more social media interactions. 5 million or more print readers.

In 2023, Forbes brought approximately $180 million, a 15% decrease from the previous year. Over 150 million people read Forbes globally, and the publication presently has 23,000 paying subscribers. Comscore reports that 51 million unique people visited their website in July 2023.

Applying Goat’s Unique Algorithm

Mechanism Goat Score: These indicators were then entered into our exclusive algorithm, which is referred to as the Goat score. Based on engagement rate, this algorithm ranks content providers within comparable categories, kinds, and audience sizes. A score of 10 is given to the best-performing material, while 1 is given to the worst-performing.

Genuity Score: Using patterns of phony followers on a few social media networks, we used a “Genuity score” to fight fraud. The top 100 influencers have an average Genuity score of greater than 81 percent. Given that it guarantees a dedication to sincere audience interaction, a higher Genuity score indicates superior quality.

Identification and conformance: Only confirmed profiles are taken into consideration for this exercise in order to prevent imposters. The verified emblem is a method to verify the reliability of people and brands, even while it doesn’t convey popularity or authority over any particular topic.

Platform consideration: Because Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook are the three main social media platforms used in influencer marketing efforts, we concentrated our investigation on these three sites. Instead of requiring creators to be active on every network, we aggregated information from all of them, including metrics that, if accessible on the Goat platform, included followers, interaction, views, reach, and impressions.

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