Para Asian Games 2023 Date, Sports, Men’s & Women’s Teams

The 4th Asian Para Games, commonly referred to as the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Para Games, are a multisport competition that takes place concurrently with the 2022 Asian Games for Asian athletes with disabilities. The 2022 Games, which were supposed to take place in October 2022, will now take place from October 22 to October 28, 2023.

Para Asian Games 2023

Asian para games are starting from 22 October which is exciting news for competitors as well as viewers. It’s a competition for players with handicaps that is governed by the Asian Paralympic Committee held every four years. The basic purpose is to enhance and boost the confidence of people who suffer from some physical disabilities. 

The 12th Asian Para Games, often known as Cambodia 2023 or the ASIAN Para Games, will take place in 2023 October. Asian para games are helding for the 12th time in history. The ASIAN Para Games were held in Cambodia for the first time. The ASIAN Para Sports Federation (APSF)’s tradition of the ASEAN Para Games is being honored.

Para Asian Games 2023 Sports 

There are many games (sports) which are played by the handicap athlete after every fourth year. The Asian Games will include competitions in the following sports: wheelchair basketball, archery, athletics, boccia, chess, snowboard, volleyball, football 5-a-side, cycling, judo, ice hockey, rowing, football 7-a-side, goal ball, powerlifting, para dance sports, badminton, swimming, table tennis, and swimming.

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For athletes with a physical disability, ParaVolley includes the multiple volleyball disciplines of Sitting Volleyball, Standing Volleyball, Sitting Beach Volleyball, and Standing Beach Volleyball for every age group and all sexes. The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) recognizes the World ParaVolley as the single International Federation with global responsibility for encouraging and regulating the sport of volleyball for athletes with limitations. World ParaVolley is an official member of the IPC.

Through a structured scheme of education, instruction, a raise, and competition, World ParaVolley’s mission is to encourage the rise and rise of ParaVolley or volleyball for athletes with a physical disability throughout the world. This program has the goal of motivating athletes to join the global volleyball family.

Para Asian Games

Para Asian Games 2023 Men & Women Teams 

Men taking part from Iraq, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, China, and the Islamic Republic of Iran. Women teams taking part from China, Japan, Laos, Thailand, the Islamic Republic of Iran, and Cambodia. The Hangzhou Gymnasium will serve as the venue for the games.

Membership for Para Asian games

The following countries are eligible to join World ParaVolley:

National Paralympic Committee (NPC), National ParaVolleyball Federation, or National Sports Federation for Disabled, all of which have NPC approval. Every new member must send World ParaVolley a copy of their constitution and/or bylaws, as well as a list of their board of directors and information on how they are chosen. You can see the fee structure from the official website.

The World ParaVolley Constitution, Rules & Regulations, and payment of the membership fee are requirements for all Members. The World ParaVolley Constitution, Rules and Regulations, Classification Code, Medical Code, Anti-Doping Code, and all other member obligations, both financial and otherwise, are accepted by the Member upon payment of the membership fee. Each nation may only have one officially recognized member organization.

Para Asian Games Athletes

The bravery, devotion, and resiliency portrayed in the para athletes’ characters whose stories are inspiring. To pursue objectives and achieve brilliance in their respective sports, they have had to overcome enormous difficulties. Their journey is an outstanding demonstration of the human spirit’s vulnerability and the capacity for endurance. Their experiences are going to serve as a lesson for all humans that, despite the difficulties we run into, we are capable of fighting them and realizing our goals.

The ASEAN Para Games 2023 have the unwavering support of the ASEAN Para Sports Federation (APSF) and its member nations. To guarantee the event’s success in Cambodia, they have guaranteed their whole support and cooperation.

If you’re a sports lover, a believer in motivational tales, or simply enjoy witnessing amazing feats of human strength, you ought to not miss the ASIAN Para Games 2023. It is an exceptional opportunity to take part in this historic event and see the ASIAN Para Games enter a new phase. The games get a fascinating aspect thanks to Cambodia’s organizing launch, which creates a sense of amazement and eagerness. 

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