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The man who initiated Wagh Bakri’s and introduced it with success is Parag Desai. His career is a memorial to the strength of steadfast resolve and diligent effort and a tale of entrepreneurial spirit. A businessman, Parag Desai, was well renowned for serving as the tea company’s executive director. On October 22, 2023, the corporation tragically lost its crown jewel. After collapsing outside his home, Parag Desai suffered a brain hemorrhage and passed away. He was walking in the morning when he was mauled by stray dogs. Although he was hospitalized, it had been too late.

Parag Desai Biography

According to the official website of the business, Parag Desai has a master’s degree in business from Long Island University in the United States. He managed the sales, marketing, and export divisions, playing a crucial role in the team. Mr. Desai was a vital member of a family with a long history in the tea business; his father, Rasesh Desai, was the managing director of the Wagh Bakri Tea Group. Rasesh Desai, a third-generation brilliant entrepreneur who was born in 1947, was vital in turning Wagh Bakri into the third biggest packaged tea business in India.

Full name  Parag Desai
Age  49 years old 
Death date  22 October 2023
Profession  Businessman (Executive Director of Wagh Bakri Tea)
Nationality  Indian 
Education  MBA from Long Island University(USA)
Religion  Hindu 
Organization  Wagh Bakri 
Net worth nowadays  ₹2000 crore 

Gujarat’s Ahmedabad was the city where Parag Desai was born and raised. Parag held positions in a variety of fields, including event management, celebrity management, and public relations. He was given the Lions Club of Mumbai’s award for best PR of the year. Parag contributed to several Bollywood movies, including Chef (2017), Badlapur (2015), the Golmaal Series, Double Dhamaal (2011), Son of Sardaar (2012), Hanuman (2005), and many more.

Parag Desai Wagh Bakri tea net worth 

The Wagh Bakri Tea Group is currently one of the leading FMCG businesses. Narandas Desai created Wagh Bakri in 1980, and his family still runs the company today. Parag Desai joined his family’s business in 1990, and under his direction, Wagh Bakri’s revenue crossed Rs. 1500 crore. There is no precise information available about Parag Desai’s net worth. However, according to the company’s official website, Wagh Bakri Tea Group distributes more than 50 million kg of tea annually and has a revenue of over Rs. 2000 crore.

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Parag Desai Biography

Parag Desai Career 

He has worked for numerous well-known production companies, including Viacom 18, Ajay Devgn Films, T-Series, Eros International, and many more. He contributed to other Hollywood productions, including Knight and Day, Avatar, Rio, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Chipwrecked, Doctor Strange, and Coco.

The family of Parag Desai was just aware of tea when they first moved to India, but they had huge plans in mind. Later, his grandfather opened a chai business under Wagh Bakri after getting an idea from the circumstances. And today I’m slowly working on it. Under Parag Desai’s instructions, Wagh Bakri has become one of India’s top chai brands.

Parag Desai Education 

At St. Xavier’s High School in Ahmedabad, Parag Desai completed his education. He proceeded toward his H.L. College of Commerce diploma. After finishing his further education, Parag Desai attained an MBA from Long Island University in the United States. He oversaw the group’s sales, marketing, and export divisions.

Parag Desai Family 

Rasesh Desai and his wife Nita Desai gave birth to Parag Desai. The managing director of the business was his father, Wagh Bakri. Paras Desai, one of Parag Desai’s brothers, is the organization’s executive director. Vidisha Desai was the wife of Parag Desai. Parisha, one of the couple’s daughters, was born.

Wagh Bakri’s Success

Wagh Bakri, a business that was founded in 1892, witnessed a spectacular turnaround under the direction of Parag Desai. While honoring the brand’s rich legacy and core principles, he incorporated contemporary business tactics. Wagh Bakri’s global reach was increased thanks to his creative thinking, and the company is now well-known not only in India but also in many other nations.

In conclusion, Parag Desai was a great businessman who introduced his family business with great fame. Its death is also a great sorrow for his family and company because they lost a gem. He oversaw the company’s transition into tea lounges and online shopping as one of the two executive directors on the organization’s board. In India, he opened more than 70 tea cafes and tea worlds.

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