Reachers Season 2 Release Date – Episodes, Cast, Plot, Where to watch?

The confirmation of Reacher season 2’s release date, December 15, 2023, was made in a recent trailer. However, there are rumors that Jack Reacher Christmas might arrive early this year.

Reachers Season 2 Release Date

The release date for Reacher season 2 15 December is awaited. They already knew that the popular Prime Video series would make a comeback before 2023 came to an end. 

However, a formal launch date of December 15 has now been confirmed. They  now know more details about Reacher’s upcoming Prime Video adventure than just that. 

You can read about a ton of new content in our Reacher season 2 guide, as Amazon has also released an official trailer and story summary.

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Reachers Season 2 Episodes 

With its intriguing eight-episode schedule, Reacher Season 2 is expected to captivate viewers with Jack Reacher’s enigmatic adventures. 

On December 15, 2023, the series debuts on Amazon Prime Video. The first three episodes drop viewers right into the action, laying the groundwork for a dramatic and suspenseful season.

Fans of Reacher Season 2 will continue to delve into the plot based on Lee Child’s world, so be ready for a crazy ride with eight episodes.

Reachers Season 2 Release Date

Reachers Season 2 Cast

Neagley and Ritchson return to their original roles from the first season. The eight episodes of season 2 will introduce you to a lot of new characters because everyone else is new to the show.

The current confirmed cast for Reacher season 2 is as follows:

  • As Jack Reacher, Alan Ritchson
  • Frances Neagley, played by Maria Sten
  • David O’Donnell, played by Shaun Sipos
  • Karla Dixon, played by Serinda Swan
  • As A.M., Ferdinand Kingsley
  • Shane Langston, played by Robert Patrick
  • Guy Russo Ty, played by Domenick Lombardozzi Saropian, played by Victor Olsson
  • Hortense Fields, played by Josh Blacker
  • As a Marsh, Al Sapienza
  • Calvin, played by Luke Bilyk Franz
  • Bradley Cooper as Stan Lowery
  • Pedro Orozco, played by Edsson Morales
  • Jorge Sanchez, played by Andres Collantes
  • Tony Swan, played by Shannon Kook-Chun

As of right now, no details are available about the list of episodes that will make up Reacher Season 2. Eight forty-two-minute episodes made up Season 1. It is expected that Season 2 would similarly include eight to ten forty-two-minute episodes.

Reachers Season 2 Plot

The official story summary for Reacher season 2 is provided below, courtesy of Amazon Studios. A coded message informing veteran military police investigator Jack Reacher (Ritchson) that members of his previous U.S. Army unit, the 110th MP Special Investigations, are being brutally and mysteriously murdered one by one sets the stage for the events of “Reacher” season 2. 

Reunited with Frances Neagley (Sten), Karla Dixon (Swan), and David O’Donnell (Sipos), three of his former teammates who have been picked as family to examine, Reacher is pulled from his nomadic lifestyle. 

Together, they start to piece together a story in which the stakes rise with each turn, raising doubts about who has betrayed them and who will perish next. Reacher, with his unique combination of cunning and stature, will do whatever it takes to get the truth and keep his unit’s members safe.

Where can I watch Reacher season 2?

When season 2 of Reacher premieres, you can watch it for free on Amazon Prime Video.

  • Since it’s an Amazon production, this will be the only location to see it. 
  • And lastly, the crucial query regarding the availability of Reacher Season 2. 
  • As with Season 1, Season 2 will only be accessible on Amazon Prime Video. 
  • You can binge-watch all of the new season’s episodes as a Prime member because you’ll have access to them all. 
  • You only make a account and sing in. 
  • Then only search the series name and you watch easily.

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