Rockstar Games GTA 6 Trailer: Check expected release date for it!

GTA 6 production by Rock Star Games was formally announced in February of this year. But with reports indicating an announcement date of October 21 and 26, it is unclear when the real one will be. Though it has not yet been formally announced, the GTA 6 release date appears to be sometime in 2024. 

Rockstar Games GTA 6 Trailer 

Roackstar games GTA 6 is a significant quantity of material was leaked, prompting Rockstar to delete a sizable amount of early-development videos from the internet. Apart from some general descriptions, it’s still tough to predict what GTA 6 would be like when it launches because the gameplay featured in the leaks was obviously displaying the game in a pre-alpha condition. Requirements for rockstar game GTA6: 

OS Windows 10.
CPU Intel Core i5
Disk Space 150GB available

In GTA 6 trailer currently know about Grand Theft Auto 6 as we await for additional information on the trailer. On September 18, however, an unusual GTA 6 leak caused more than 90 videos and pictures from the game’s early, alpha build to go online. The attack has been recognized and verified by Rockstar, and the company is attempting to remove the exposed information from the global web.

Rockstar games Revealing History & Rumoured Setting

Rockstar Games has a tradition of releasing games around October, and we already believe GTA 6 may debut in 2024. According to Comic Book, the most recent incident involved Spanish YouTuber El Rubius, who wrote on Twitter, “The trailer of GTA VI is nearer than you consider,” and received over 70,000 likes.

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Although the setting for GTA 6 has received a lot of attention, it seems like Vice City will be our next stop once more. Although Rockstar Games hasn’t revealed the setting for GTA 6, there are several rumors floating around that suggest a variety of locales. Even while every delicious bit of online gossip sounds mouthwatering, some of it is more reliable than others. The leaked gaming clips, one of which showed a “Vice City Metro” train, support that.

Rockstar Games GTA 6 Trailer

Rockstar game GTA 6 Characters Rumors 

Rockstar officially started working on the first female protagonist for GTA 6 months ago, which would be a first for the franchise in the 3D era. The information was initially revealed in an article, which examined the shifting business atmosphere at Rockstar North; it was later confirmed by the GTA 6 leak. Two new playable GTA 6 characters may be seen in the early development video. 

Jason and Lucia are the characters’ in-progress names, and it appears that the personality-changing mechanism from GTA 5 is making a partial comeback. One leaked video showed both of them stealing a coffee shop together, with one figure being controlled by the user and the other being transported by Software. Another video shows character switching, however, it happens very immediately rather than with the progressive viewpoint change observed in GTA 5.  

GTA 6 Map Size Comparison 

GTA 6 map size predicting the variance in map sizes between Grand Theft Auto 5, and the impending Grand Theft Auto VI, one Grand Theft Auto fan is showcasing their mathematical prowess. Although Rock Star Games has yet to confirm much of the information about Grand Theft Auto VI, various leaks have led fans to think that we will be returning to Vice City for the first time since 2002’s Grand Theft Auto in Vice City.

This comes after a leaked video of the “Vice City Metro” and other well-known city landmarks, like the Malibu Club, Ocean View Hotel, Little Haiti, and Vice Beach, was made public. Rockstar’s confirmation that the clip in question is authentic increases our confidence in the existence of GTA 6 by around 99%.

Rockstar game GTA 6 Cost Price & GB 

It may be assumed that GTA 6 won’t be any different and that the initial cost will be at least $69.99. Instead of charging a large upfront charge, the business may adopt a completely new strategy and turn the game into a live-service play with a subscription fee for each month.

It used 94gb of bandwidth to download GTA 5 using the Epic Games launcher. It may require up to 115 GB of hard disk space after installation. Apparently, GTA VI is extremely, incredibly big. 750GB is so large that I would strongly advise treating this claim with a grain of contempt.

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