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As everyone knows, state and federal governments run a variety of programs to help farmers become more financially stable. Beneficiaries get social security and cash benefits via the UP Ganna Parchi Calendar. The Uttar Pradesh Ganna Parchi calendar has recently been issued by the state government. You may apply and check the district-wise amount news and Uttar Pradesh payment status online at https://caneup.in/.

UP Ganna Parchi

For almost 70% of India’s population, agriculture is their primary source of income. The government must maintain a record of all agriculture-related activities taking place in each state and make sure that farmers who are involved in this activity are provided with certain facilities to make their jobs easier, as the majority of Indian states are agro-based UP Ganna Parchi. The state of Uttar Pradesh is home to a large population that relies heavily on agriculture for a livelihood. In several parts of the state of Uttar Pradesh, sugarcane is farmed extensively. 

The government is now required to maintain an account of the output produced by the farmers. A methodical and regulated approach that can maintain the data for the farmers’ consumption and production survey is needed to accomplish this objective UP Ganna Parchi. The Uttar Pradesh government has introduced a new program called the UP Ganna Parchi Calendar with the intention of helping farmers. In order to do this, the department has also released the UP-Cane App.

caneup.in 2023-24 Calendar

The Uttar Pradesh government has released the UP Ganna Parchi Calendar. Farmers may get all the information on the availability of sugarcane via the Sugarcane Slip Calendar. In addition, data on sugar mills, service slips, toll payments, and issues pertaining to growth may be acquired. Beneficiaries may now get these data without having to contact any government agencies. 

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State Uttar Pradesh
Scheme Ganna Parchi Calendar
Launched by Government of Uttar Pradesh
Beneficiary Citizens of UP
Objective To provide the facility of checking Ganna Supply
Official Website  https://caneup.in/

This will be accessible over the Internet. This method will be transparent, save a ton of money, and save a lot of time. The Sugarcane Parchi Portal would allow state farmers to market their sugarcane. in order to halt black marketing as well. In addition to bringing openness, the technology will save time and money.

UP Ganna Parchi 2023-24

How to Apply For UP Ganna Parchi? 

Applying for UP Ganna Parchi (Sugarcane Receipt) involves a simple process:

  • Farmers need to register themselves with a local cooperative or private sugar mill.
  • Once registered, farmers will receive a supply notification specifying the date, time, and location to deliver their sugarcane to the mill.
  • At the designated time, the sugarcane is weighed, and samples are taken to assess quality and variety.
  • After weighing and sampling, the mill issues a Ganna Parchi to the farmer, including details of quantity, quality, and variety.
  • The farmer receives payment based on the information in the Ganna Parchi, ensuring fair compensation for their sugarcane.

UP Ganna Parchi Calendar Online Status Check 

The following instructions outline how to check the UP Ganna Parchi Calendar Online status via the portal:

  • Visit www.caneup.in, the official website.
  • After completing the captcha, click UP Ganna Parchi’s status.
  • After that, in order to get the information listed below, you will need to accurately complete the following details:
  1. Select your District
  2. choose Factory in the drop-down menu
  3. Search by Code Village
  4. Grower
  • Choose and input the following using the drop-down option that appears.
  • Next, choose UP Ganna Parchi’s status.
  • On the next tab, your data will be delivered in accordance with your request.

Objective Of UP Ganna Parchi Calendar 2023

  • The primary goal of the UP Ganna Parchi Calendar 2023 is to provide farmers with information about the availability of sugarcane. Since the government will be making this information accessible online
  • Farmers no longer need to attend government agencies to get information about the supply
  • This procedure will guarantee system transparency while also saving time and money.

UP Ganna Parchi Calendar Benefits & Features

  • UP. The Uttar Pradesh government has introduced the Sugarcane Slip Calendar.
  • State farmers will have access to information on cane mills.
  • The state’s farmers will no longer need to go far to get information on the availability of sugarcane.
  • These specifics will be accessible over the Internet.
  • This procedure will guarantee system transparency while saving time and money.
  • The system will be clear via the use of the sugarcane slip calendar.
  • The farmer’s cell phone will get immediate notifications on the Ganna Parchi.
  • This platform is expected to serve around 50 lakh farmers.
  • You may get the Ganna Parchi App from the Google Play Store.

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