Vivo Funtouch OS 14: Release Date, New Features & Steps to Update

Vivo Funtouch OS 14 will surely amaze the users with its amazing and advanced updates. IQOO and Vivo users can track the update of funtouch OS 14 in their devices. The Funtouch OS 14 is scheduled to be released by 7 October 2023 which is based on Android 14 Program. 

Vivo Funtouch OS 14

Vivo is ready to release version 14. beta for the X90 Pro, and it appears that the company is prepared for the official launch of the impending significant update to its Android skin. According to a statement from Vivo, the FunTouch OS 14 will be live on 7 October 2023 at 12PM and users can get it form the official website of VIVO-

FunTouch OS 14 will be released in India on the seventh of this month, according to the FunTouch OS official account on X. The beta that was released earlier last month reveals certain revised UI components, such as the notification panel, even if Vivo didn’t confirm any new features.

Vivo Funtouch OS 14 Release Date

The official release date for Vivo’s Funtouch OS 14 in India is October 7. The business gave a restricted preview program for a few X90 Pro users in September after releasing an Android 14 beta version for the device in May. Although the specifics of the new operating system are yet unknown, we may anticipate improvements to the user interface, improved security, and editing facilities.

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Operating System Vivo’s Funtouch OS 14
Model Vivi and IQOO
Version version 14. beta for the X90 Pro
Release Date 7 October 2023, 12PM

Other brands like OnePlus, Samsung are also anticipating to launch their versions based on OS 14 while Vivo always stands out from the crowd by presenting something different to its audience.

Vivo Funtouch OS 14

Vivo Funtouch OS 14 Launch

The launch date for Funtouch OS 14 in India has been made public by Vivo. On October 7, at 12 pm, the Android 14-based OS upgrade will begin to roll out to Vivo and iQoo users in India. After Vivo announced the Funtouch OS 14 based on Android 14 Preview Program for X90 Pro customers, the news was released shortly after.

The business has promised to give a “smoother experience” even though it has not yet disclosed the improvements and enhancements that would be included in the Funtouch OS 14. The smartphones that will be eligible to receive the update have not yet been disclosed by Vivo. 

Steps to update for Funtouch OS 14

  • From the Vivo website ( and download the Funtouch OS 14 Beta update.
  • After downloading your file, connect the phone to your PC and paste the downloaded file into the root directory if you downloaded the update from your computer.
  • Move the appropriate file from the Downloads folder to the root directory if you downloaded it from your phone.
  • Now navigate to Settings and choose System Update from the available options.
  • In the upper right corner, select the gear icon.
  • Select Local Update from the menu.
  • Click the Update Now button after selecting the update file.

Vivo Funtouch OS 14 Tracker

The launch of Funtouch OS 14 is ready to come live after the official release of Android 14, as the Funtouch OS version is closely related to the Android operating system. However, even though the Funtouch OS 14 skin will be released soon, it will take some time for the company to deliver the update to different smartphones. Update tracker is available for IQOO and Vivo model ranges and users can get an update or track the funtouch OS 14 update.

Vivo Funtouch OS 14 Updated Features

There will be many changes and updations for the Funtouch OS 14 users. Android 14 introduces additional lock screen customization options, allowing users to position the clock anywhere they like on the lock screen and choose from a variety of clock styles. 

As Funtouch OS 14 will be largely based on Android 14, we can anticipate that the upcoming release will have the same features.

Many new updates, some significant and others minor, are brought to Android with Android 14. Before, we spoke about the significant modifications; now, let’s talk about Android 14’s minor adjustments. These qualities consist of:

  • larger typefaces.
  • Granular media access.
  • App pair.
  • New widgets.
  • Predictive back gesture.

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